These Are All The Places You Can Get Apple Music– However Not Spotify

Music streaming is ending up being an unwieldily congested field. While Spotify still stands as the worlds number-one streaming service, others are trying their finest to topple its reign; Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Pandora, Rhapsody, SoundCloud, and even the giant Amazon are amongst those presently scrambling for market share.

And lets certainly not forget about Apple Music, which announced 10 million subscribers last month after launching last June, striking a turning point that took Spotify 6 entire years to reach. Now the nascent service is threatening its nine-year-old rival in an entire brand-new method: growth.

Following the launch of Apple Music in Turkey and Taiwan recently, Music Company Worldwide took a lookhad a look at the availability of the service worldwide as it as compares to Spotify. It found Apple Music is available in 113 countries; Spotify, in simply 59.

Significant, too, are a few of the certain markets in which Apple Music has an unique holdChina, India, Japan, Russia, and a strong chunk of Africa. These are big areas, bursting with music listeners.

Naturally, Apple Musics support by among the wealthiest business on the worldon earth makes it much simplera lot easier for it to broaden globally than its smaller sized and not-yet-public competitor, however its however crucial that the service has managed to swell so rapidly in such a brief durationamount of time.

For streaming services, development and popularity are the two main metrics of success. So if Apple Music already has one of these locked down, Spotify better hope it isn’t really able to take over the other too.