Sports’ Draw Giving Location Tourist Brand-new Life

In May, Sarasota County gathered more than $1 million in tourist taxes a first for the month at a time when tourist generally slows at the end of the winter and spring seasons.

In general, the variety of visitors was up by 8 percent for the month, and their direct spending was up by 13 percent.

The rise is thanks in part to the growing section of sports-related tourism events, Virginia Haley, president of See Sarasota County, said Wednesday at a luncheon occasion for the Lakewood Cattle ranch Business Alliance.

There are even more than 100 various sporting events lined up for 2014.

The next time you hear somebody tell you sports tourism does not create adequate financial impact, inform them theyve fallen off their rocker, stated Nicole Rissler, director of sports with Check out Sarasota County, the countys tourist company.

Across the country, the sports tourist segment produces more than $8 billion in economic influenced in the United States, according to Sports Events Publication, a trade publication.

That exact same publication just recently ranked Sarasota County as top sports location in the nation, Rissler stated.

That is huge, she stated. And we wishwish to remain to build on exactly what weve currently produced.

In 2013, sports tourism created $71 million in economic effect for the area, Check out Sarasota information show, consisting of a total of 67,000 hotel space nights.

Events like the 2013 Pan American Swimming Championships (it drew even more than 1,000 competitors from different nations to Sarasota County for a week) and the US Rowing Masters Championships (which brought national rowing competitors to Benderson Park for numerous days) helped drive those numbers, Rissler stated.

Overall, 2013 saw a 22 percent increase in tourism traffic thanks to the sports competition.

This year, tourist officials forecast a slightly lower $50 million financial impact, but with about 70,000 hotel room nights booked overall. The impact dropped a little due to the fact that the region is hosting less international events, however Rissler stated that comes with the grass.

Its essential that we keep our existing yearly sporting occasions right here while managing to bid on other occasions, she stated.

This year, Southwest Florida hosted:

The YMCA Masters National Swimming Championships, at the recently remodelled Selby Aquatic Center

The Sunlight State Games, which drew more than 3,000 individuals from throughout Florida.

The BMX State Games at the Sarasota BMX Park, which is slated for a million-dollar renovation.

The World Cup Final for Modern Pentathlon, which will certainly return in February and once more in 2016.

Prospect Wire State Finals, which drew 140 youth baseball groups.

More events, including college, national and international rowing, golf and soccer events, are slated to come to Southwest Florida in 2015 and beyond.

With our growing inventory of impressive locations, we can keep hosting occasions like these, Rissler said.