Sente Advances Bill Enhancing Electronics Recycling To Senate

The following is a press release from theOffice of State Rep. Carol Sente on her efforts regardingelectronics reusing. ReadContinue reading for details.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. State Rep. Carol Sente, D-Vernon Hills, unanimouslypassed legislation from the HouseonThursdaymorning aimingto streamline electronics reusing.

As Vice-Chair of the Houseour home Environment Committee and sponsor of a variety of regional recycling campaigns, I think we requirehave to get rid of unneeded red-tape that might prevent recycling opportunities, Sente stated. By making electronics recycling easier for processors, we not only assist the market to broaden, but also enhance the chance that possibly unsafe items will be responsibly disposed.

House Bill 4227 decreases the variety of classifications Illinois electronic devices processors should sort and report from 18 to six, putting Illinois in line with other states that have comparable electronic devices squander legislation. It is approximated that this measure, which is supported by both the environmental and business neighborhood, could conserve processors as much as $0.01 per pound or $420,000 a year statewide.

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