Personally Tech With Goodservice Creator Vipul Aggarwal

What are the various tech gadgets and apps that leaders from various strolls of life are utilizing? We try and find out in our weekly column Personally Tech, where we talk to the individualsindividuals behind our preferred services and items.

Some of these include authors like Shweta Taneja, and restaurant employers such as Sbarro head Akhil Puri. Weve likewise talked with the heads of phone makers like Motorola Indias Amit Boni.

Today, we talk to Vipul Aggarwal, the founder of Goodservice, a chat-based concierge application. Aggarwal informs us that he loves Truecaller on his Android phone, but imagine dual-screen Retina iMac setup. ReadKeep reading to understand a bit more about his tech setup.

Describe your technology setup – what computer/ phone/ tablet/ camera/ pc gaming console/ other gadgets do you use?Vipul Aggarwal: I utilize a MacBook Pro, and I have 2 mobile phones. My personal phone is an old iPhone 5, and I got a OnePlus One to deal with Android, where Truecaller is really remarkable. Thats all the tech I utilize in the meantime.

What are three apps (mobile/ tablet or PC/ Mac) you couldnt live without?Vipul Aggarwal
: All 3 apps I cant live without are on my iPhone – Goodservice looks after everything I need, while Gmail is clearly essential. A great deal of work communication likewise takes place on WhatsApp which is why it is so crucial.

Undoubtedly, my all-time highest-used app is still Chrome on my laptop computer – Im on it 10-12 hours a day!

Exactly what is the one gadget (other than your phone) you never take a trip without?Vipul Aggarwal
: I cant travel without my MacBook Pro, with simple Rs. 800 Samsung earphones. With it, I can work from anywhere. Earlier utilized to deal with a MacBook Air but it was too slow sometimes. Of course, I likewise always requirehave to have a charger cable for both my laptop, and my iPhone.

Exactly what is your dream gizmo/ technology setup?Vipul Aggarwal: Its probably too costly of a setup, but Id like an iMac Retina display screen 3.3 GHz with dual screen setup, at both my home and office. The iMacs must be linked to a Bose surround sound music system, and Id like a MacBook Air, for portability. How has innovation changed the way in which you work?Vipul Aggarwal:

Work has always had to do with technology and with technology for me, given that I was a coder. But yes, mobile Internet makes life easy when driving or taking a trip. Though we need 3G everywhere to really delight in that, and 4G now. This is something that still requires work in India though.