Man Discovered With Stolen Electronic Devices, Cops Say

Campus security called police to the parking area at 1701 Wright St. after an examination into drug activity led officers to a vehicle with three men inside, together with stolen items, authorities said.One of the

guys, Brandon N. Hambrick, 18, let authorities inspect his knapsack. Authorities said they discovered two MacBook Pro computers, 2 iPad minis and a 26-inch extendable steel baton.Officers stated among the laptop computers was stolen Sept. 26 from an automobilea parking lot on Williamson Street. A 32-year-old Racine male reported the computer stolen, together with his tickets to a Badgers football game for which he remained in town. Authorities stated they discovered the owner since the computer’s identification number had actually been enteredbecome part of a police database.Police don’t know the owners of the other electronics.Hambrick told police he bought the items from a guy on the street.

He stated he understood the products were taken, but stated he didn’t take them, cops said.Hambrick was apprehended on suspicion of receiving stolen building and bring a concealed weapon.