Jillian Michaels Discloses Why She Actually Left The Greatest Loser

After 10 years encouraging participants in the direction of their weight-loss goals on NBCs The Greatest Loser, physical fitness master and star fitness instructor Jillian Michaels has herself thrown in the towel on the truth program. But why?

At houseIn your home, running after her 2-year-old child Phoenix, Michaels really wants to make one thing clear: I don’t really want fans to think I feel like Im too huge for the program or that Im seeking greener pastures. Im so grateful to the show and so unfortunate to leave.

Yet, Michaels, 40, says, there were some essential differences with Losers manufacturers that have actually existed for a while.

One major problem: how she was being depicted in recent seasons. In the beginning of the show it was hardwas difficult love. You saw the hard, and you saw the love, she states. However more current episodes, Michaels says, appeared to focus more on her being rough, instead of helpful. You saw none of the relationships, none of the bonds that I develop with my clients, she states.

As an outcome, states the trainer, countless individuals have this distorted unfavorable perception of me. Its a perception that began to affect her individual life with partner Heidi Rhoades, child Phoenix and their little girl Lukensia, 4.

While commentators on TELEVISION programs would call her abusive and one even quipped about exactly what sort of mom I have to be, Michaels recalls with a shudder things only got worseworsened when, this past season, she was accused of unfaithful by allowing her Loser group to take caffeine tablets (a move Michaels remains to back up).

Choosing up her daughter from camp, she states someone had told her little girl, I understand who your mommy is shes a cheater. I saw it on TV.

And after last seasons controversy over winner Rachel Frederickson appearing extremely thin at the ending, I had to take a tough appearance at my work, Michaels states. I came to the conclusion that progressing, I requirehave to have the ability to have an impactan effect on the result of what I do.”.

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