Cops Seize Electronics From Former Coach’s House

HANOVER, Mass. (– Police have seized electronic devices from the house offormer youth football coach that presumably deletedonline rosters.The bizarre act of

retaliation has produced bad blood in Hanover, which all started when a battle in between moms and dads and the coach, James Wardwell, turned physical. After the run-in, Wardwell was completely; gt; Former youth football coach served warrant for supposedly weakening his own group It goes againstbreaks everything we ought to be teaching these young kids, said Michael Jones, a present coach with the Old Nest Football League.Jones said the fall season for 117 players on the towns threeteams left to a rocky start when the whole roster went missing out on. Thealleged information breach was discovered in September as a weigh-in was underway. The data on all 117 players, their stats andtheir dues, wasdeleted.Jones called police, concerned that Wardwell had a vendetta.Officers searched Wardwells house andconfiscated an iPhone, computerand

a cordless router.The warrant states they went to Wardwells house

after tracing the supposed illegal web activity to the IP address at his home.Wardwell didnt offer a comment to FOX25 on Friday.The youth football coaching task isn’t the first job Wardwell has lost; authorities at Spellman High School saidit was equally decided Wardwell would not coach the ladies basketball group after last season.On Friday,

the South Shore Wolfpack validated Wardwell is no longer training kids basketball pending the result of the Hanover criminal investigation.Police here saidthe forensic evaluation of the electronics could take several weeks.