Automotive Industry Accepts Vine In Digital Marketing Push

In an effort to reach customers online, the automotive industry has actually enhanced spending on video advertising. In Q4 2013, the market ranked 2nd in the number of video ads viewed with 308.3 million. Furthermore, automotive brand names are seeing higher completion rates with their video content. According to Sizmek, auto led all worldwide markets in regards to video completions of mobile banner ads in 2013.

Vine appears to be the up-and-coming advertising tool for automobile brand names looking for brand-new methods to engage online and mobile video viewers. Though brands have actually been utilizing this 6-second social video service for well over a year, Buick and Ford have just recently joined the fray, getting Vine stars to promote their brand-new designs.

Buick teamed up with Zach King (1.1 million fans), a gifted Viner understood for his remarkable editing. Below is an unbranded example of his work:

Right here are two of the 10 spots King created for Buick:

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These Vines got over 20,000 revines (shares) and 30,000+ likes. Buick selectedopted to publish the Vines on its own account which presently has 7,100 fans.

“We are trying to linkget in touch with a new audience and extend brand name awareness,” Nick Richards, manager for the Buick communications group, told Adweek. “It’s all about creative work. The greatest difficulty we have with this brand is exactly what we call incorrect familiarity. That’s when [individuals] have the incorrect idea of what the brand name implies and are not acquainted with the products we have today.”

The company hopesintends to to minimize incorrect familiarity with its entertaining Vine videos.

Ford partnered with Rudy Mancuso (4 million fans) and had the star published the branded Vines to his own account to reach his big fan base. Ford then revined the videos to its 25,000 fans. The spot verified popular, generating 89,300 revines and 184,300 likes.

When it pertains to branded partnerships with social media stars, Ted Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of Izea notes, “The key to sponsored social rates is to match the right developer with the right brand. High-quality brand names that are ready to offer social media sites material creators freedom when producing sponsored content are typically able to realize rates efficiency and drive more value for their sponsorship dollar.”

Buick and Ford have seen great success with their collaborative Vine efforts. The Vine stars instilled the spots with imagination and originality, offering app users with enjoyable, shareable branded material. Other automobile companies could take the plunge into Vine as a feedback to the positive outcomes of the Buick and Ford projects. The most significant takeaway here is that vehicle brands are finally distributing content throughout channels where target audiences are more likely to enjoy, share and engage with top quality video.