Agha Takes Legal Action Against Public Relations Company, Declaring It Illegally Shared Project …

Claiming a breach of trust, Monterey Peninsula entrepreneur Nader Agha is suing local public relations firm owner David Armanasco for supporting a competing Moss Landing desalination job.

In a claim submitted recently, Agha alleges that Armanasco used private details he obtained while working on behalf of Aghas own Moss Landing desal proposition to advertise the nearby Deep Water Desal job. Agha also alleges Armanasco failed to meet his end of the initial $160,000 deal to promote Aghas interests, and has considering that continued to weaken Agha in the neighborhood.

The suit looks for more than $10 million in damages, including payment of the cash he paid Armanasco and the loss of future profits.

Attorney Chris Cayce, who stands for Agha in the claim, said Armanasco made use of the private detailssecret information, secured by a privacy arrangement, to assist Deep Water Desal basically copy Aghas plans for a desal plant in Moss Landing, now understoodreferred to as the Peoples Moss Landing Desal Job.

Deep Water Desal is more or less a shadow of Aghas organization, Cayce said. Utilizing comparable processes, theyve taken Naders concept and formed their own project.

Cayce said that has resulted in exactly what he called confusion of brand name and resulted in many peoplemany individuals having a hard time discerning one Moss Landing desal project from the other.

In a prepared statement, Armanasco suggested he would vigorously defend himself versus Aghas accusations.

In life you have your honesty, integrity and track record, he stated. It is the very same in the general public relations company. Armanasco Public Relations acted properly in our assignment for Desal USA and this suit lacks benefit and I will contest it strongly.

According to the fit, Agha hired Armanasco Public Relations in 2003 for several months to advertise a suggested desal task at Aghas Moss Landing Commercial Park, then hired Armanasco again for 6 months in 2010 to help pitch Aghas Desal UNITED STATE proposition, likewise knownreferred to as Desal America and later on as the Peoples Moss Landing Desal Project. It was during those durations that Agha alleges he shared the private detailssecret information, which he likewise describes as trade keys, with Armanasco.

The next year, according to the match, Armanasco conspired with a number of other unnamed accuseds to use that details to advertise Deep Water Desal for Armanascos individual gain, and to Aghas detriment. Agha also alleges Armanasco began supporting Deep Water Desal even prior to he stopped working for Agha.

Agha, Armanasco and Deep Water Desal concept partner Brent Constantz apparently met and thought about a collaboration at one point, however decided not to pursue it.

SinceEver since, Agha has sought a public partner for his proposition and negotiated with the city of Pacific Grove at one point, however without success. Deep Water Desal, meanwhile, has been chosen by the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District as a prospective backup for California American Waters proposed north Marina desal plant, and has likewise reached a power and water purchase arrangement with the city of Salinas.

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