Achievement School District Employs Public Relations Firms In Memphis And Nashville

Pique Public Relations in Memphis and Crisp Communications in Nashville began working with the district during the summertime. Pique has actually worked with Memphis city agencies and charter schools. Crisp has actually counted several state firms amongst its customers.

The additional support comes as the district enters its 4th year of school operations and starts a new round of conversations with neighborhoods anchored by having a hard time schools that are qualified for state intervention. (See our list of top priority schools in Memphis and Nashville that are qualified, and not eligible.)

Although we are a statewide school district, we have only one communications staff expert, so we are utilizing personal grant dollars to help bring a little extra support, ASD spokeswoman Letita Aaron said in an email. We desirewish to ensure we’re getting excellent details to those who need it, specifically moms and dads. Both companies offer a range of communications services to helpto assist us do so, from communications technique advancement to graphics support to occasion planning.

Both firms have agreements for up to five months, with the alternative to extend their work based on the districts needs.

The ASD isn’t really the first district to turn to a public relations firm to help with communication techniques. Shelby County Schools, which has an in-house communications department of four people, works with Memphis-based KQ Communications, mostly for jobs related to the districts instructor efficiency initiative moneyed by the Costs amp; Melinda Gates Structure.

ASD authorities have actually highlighted a desire to enhance communication with families whose children go to priority schools qualified for state intervention.

The state district has authority to wrest control of Tennessees worst-performing schools from their local districts and appoint them to charter operators in an effort to turn them around. The selection and conversion procedure frequently has actually been controversial in the schools and their communities, and the ASD presented a modified method in July developed to enhance the community engagement and school matching process.

The Accomplishment School District currently manages 27 schools in Memphis and two in Nashville.