Maine Governor Paul LePage Suggests Individuals Of Color And Hispanics Are ‘the Opponent’ Of Cops

Previously this year at a town-hall meeting, when reacting to a concern about how he was handling substance-abuse issues in Maine, LePage provided another essentially racist characterization of out-of-state drug traffickers, also reported by the Press Herald:

These are guys with the name D-Money, Shake, Shifty– these kinds of people– they originate from Connecticut and New York, they show up here, they offer their heroin, they go back house … Incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young white girl prior to they leave, which is a genuine unfortunate thing because then we have another concern we have to deal with down the roadway.

That remark, which LePage’s communications director at first attemptedaimed to reframe as not being about race, but about “the expense to state taxpayers for welfare and the psychological costs for these kids who are born as a result of participation with drug traffickers,” drew widespread criticism both within Maine and throughout the United States LePage ultimately called the remark a mistake, then later referred back to it as part of his creative technique to obtain the Maine legislature to intensify its efforts against drug trafficking. (He had actually in addition recommended openly beheading drug dealerships using a guillotine, French Revolution-style, so LePage clearly likes history at least as much as he likes racial profiling.)

At a GOP fundraiser in 2013, LePage likewise apparently said that President Obama might have been the best president ever if he had highlighted his biracial heritage, but Obama had not done so because he dislikes white individuals.

The Huffington Post keeps in mind that 95 percent of Maine residents are white, per the last US census, and according to the American Civil Liberties Union, research shows that black and white individuals deal drugs at similar rates in Maine, though authorities in the state are 9 times more most likely to jail individuals of color for the criminal activity.

How Grime Provided A Voice To A Generation

“Fourteen years ago, from the bowels of Bow E3, the voice of a generation newed, blinking furiously under the glare of Canary Wharf’s aggressively gleaming paean to financial power. It was dark, it was mad, it was loud, it was unapologetic. It was innately provocative, it was fiercely independent. It was the brittle sound of disillusionment, bitterness and despair, however likewise the voice of hope. It was gunk.”

So begins This Is Gunk, a new book by i-D publication music editor and gunk fanatic Hattie Collins, with original photography by Olivia Rose. The book is an oral and visual history of grime music: the striking black-and-white photography is interspersed with quotes from all the significant players of the early scene – Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Kano, Lethal Bizzle – talking about the origins of the movement, as well as the more recent generation – Stormzy, Little Simz, Author – on how it’s progressing.

It is framed like a conversation in between the artists, who share self-contained bits about discovering their craft, writing, taping, how pirate radio shaped the category’s noise and the inspirations behind their music. There are likewise longer essays that check out specific styles in more depth, for instance, Danny Weed and DJ Target on design and style, Mizz Beats on her battles with depression and others on violence, religious beliefs and inequality.

Apart from a short introduction, Collins only interjects as soon as in the book, to acknowledge her friend and early gunk supporter Chantelle Fiddy. However the rest of the book is fittingly in the words of the artists themselves. Grime provided a voice to a generation of young people who felt voiceless, something that feels particularly timely in the light of the UK’s growing #BlackLivesMatter movement, which, along with Mark Duggan, gets a mention in the book’s dedication.

This Is Grime by Hattie Collins and Olivia Rose is published by Hodder amp; Stoughton on 8 September (25). Click here to buy a copy for 20.50

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What Will Fifth Harmony Wear To The VMAs? Here’s A Hint They Dished At VH1 Conserve The Music Foundation’s Hamptons …

For 5th Consistency, this weekend is all about the music. The all-girl group is nominated for 2 MTV Video Music Awards for their hit, Work from Home, however prior to heading to tonights show in New york city City, the band started the weekend with a performance at VH1 Save the Music Foundations Hamptons Live benefit performance at a private residence in Sagaponack, New York, on Saturday night.

Just prior to they struck the phase to bust out an assortment of their hits while visitors sipped on Bai drinks and munched on paella, clam strips, and beef carpaccio, InStyle caught up with the five members– Camila Cabello, Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane Hansen, and Ally Hernandez. And in addition chatting all things design, appeal, and red carpets, the women dished on why theyre so enthusiastic about the nights cause. Save the Music is generally a structure devoted to making sure that every child has a music education that is a part of their typical curriculum, stated Cabello. They work district to district, offering kids with musical instruments and making certain that thats a part of their education. I think thats actually important to everybody, due to the fact that music has actually actually altered our lives– and its such a huge part of our lives– so I believe I promote everyone when I say that I do not understandhave no idea who I would be without music.

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Cabello credited her own music education with helping to shape her profession– and without it, we might not have struck tunes like Worth It to use repeat. Ive found myself through that vehicle, and there are so manymany kids that don’t come from, lets say, a family that absolutely pays attention to music or a household of musicians, she stated. So a school or an instructor motivating them to selectget an instrument can actually change an entire life, and we understandwe understand how essential that is.

Cabellos life (as well as her bandmates) has certainly altered given that 5th Harmony was establishedwased established on X Aspect. Now jet-setting worldwide and hitting up major award shows on the regular, this girl-power group is doing it all. Scroll down to findlearn which band member dreams of living in the Hamptons, exactly what the group is preparing to use to the VMAs (tip: theyre collaborating), and their red carpet must-haves.

Clayville Celebration Provides Music In Country Setting

PLEASANT PLAINS #x 2013; Local artist Tom Irwin doesn #x 2019; t have anything against downtown celebrations, however there #x 2019; s something special about playing out in the country underneath Clayville #x 2019; s huge shade trees.

#x 201c; Clayville is the festival that has trees and turf, #x 201d; Irwin stated. #x 201c; The downtown festivals are all fun, but I love the setting out here, specifically for folk music. It fits in. #x 201d;

Now in its 5th year, the annual music celebration at Clayville draws a range of artists consisting of bluegrass performers, folk artists and others. The historic website is on Illinois 125, simply east of Pleasant Plains.To draw more individuals to the event, organizers added a vehicle program last year and this year an art fair was included.Dave Keil, treasurer of the Pleasant Plains Historic Society, described

this year #x 2019; s occasion as #x 201c; multi-faceted. #x 201d; #x 201c; We have a little bit of everything going on all the time, #x 201d;

Keil said.As of Saturday afternoon, things were going efficiently for the performers.

There was a stage set up under a big white tent where the main acts carried out and an acoustic group with banjos, fiddles and mandolins was set up around a fire pit at another location.Irwin said that in previous years, the weather didn #x 2019; t always comply. #x 201c; The very first year

we had it in October. It was so cold we ended up going inside your home.

The next year it was hot, then it rained, and then we had an excellent year, #x 201d; Irwin said.Keil said the one-day occasion gives individuals a chance to delight in the historical site.The primary brick building at Clayville was constructedintegrated in 1824, that makes it the oldest brick structure still standing in Sangamon County. There likewise are two big barns and other buildings on the property that have been brought back. #x 201c; We want to showcase the facilities, bring individuals out and let them enjoy the premises, #x 201d; Keil said.About 45 cars were on screen as part of the vehicle program. The vehicles included classics from the 50 #x 2019; s, muscle vehicles from the 60s and contemporary sports cars.One of the more uncommon cars was a 1957 Ford

dressed up as a black and white police car with a siren and red light on the roof.The car came from Tom and Teresa Elmore of Petersburg.

Tom said they #x 2019; ve driven the vehicle to programs throughout Illinois. #x 201c; We get a lot of looks. People wave at us and offer us a thumbs up, #x 201d; Tom Elmore said. #x 201c; At shows like this, the big deal for me is the kids. The kids like it. #x 201d;