No Difficult Feelings! Bachelor Ben Higgins Says Kaitlyn Bristowe ‘Handled Herself …

The Bachelors brand-new leading guy is prepared for love and on good terms with ex-Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, who dated him through the last 3 before providing him the boot.

I believe Kaitlyn handled herself actually well in a really hard situation, Ben Higgins said on Excellent Morning America on Monday, recalling the brunette appeals words of wisdom: Nobody can date 25 people well without making a mistakeslipping up.

You need to be true to yourself, fair to the individualsindividuals involved. I believe Kaitlyn did that to the bestthe very best of her ability, he added.

Bristowe, 30, got her pleased ending and is now engaged to Shawn Booth who Higgins calls one of my finest buddiesfriends.

Public Relations Body Examining DWP Phony Well-being Plaintiffs Leaflet

The industry body for public relations has actually launched an examination following the production of a government leaflet which included invented quotes from 2 non-existent complaintants talking up their experiences of the benefits system.

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) said it had written to all its members who work at the Department for Work and Pensions to findlearn whether they had actually played any part in putting the leaflet together.

Sarah Pinch, the CIPR’s president, stated: “Wrongly developing the impression of independent, popular assistance is an ignorant and opaque technique which blatantly neglects the CIPR’s requirements of ethical conduct. It is deeply disappointing if public relations specialists allowed it to be published.”

The main document was pulled on Tuesday after the DWP confessedconfessed had comprised supposed benefits claimants “Sarah” and “Zac”. A representative stated the leaflet was produced in-house by its “communications team”.

Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, did not have any understanding of its production, according to department sources.

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In the leaflet, “Sarah” was quoted as saying she was pleasedenjoyed she had actually been triggered to finish her CV after a few of her benefits were withdrawn. “Zac” stated he prevented having his benefits cut because he was able to prove he had a medical facility appointment that encountered a meeting set up with his “work coach”.

The first edition of the file included photos of the two non-existent well-being claimants, which the DWP confessed were stock images in a response to a freedom of information demand from the news website Well-being Weekly.

A second edition had “Sarah” and “Zac” showndisplayed in shape, but retained their fictitious accounts. It was taken down from the department’s website on Tuesday evening amidst a hail of criticism.

The CIPR, which represents and manages public relations specialists, is accountable for enforcing its code of conduct and can assemble tribunals that have the power to remove any members discovered to have actually dedicated the most serious breaches. It can also release reprimands and suspensions of membership, in addition to negotiating settlements where possible.

A spokesman said it would wait for responses from DWP personnel before choosing what action to take. She added: “All CIPR Members are openly liable for the requirement of their professional conduct, and the conduct of those under their management. This responsibility is an important property to the public, to members and to those who utilize them.

“Truthful regard for the general public interest, delivering dependable and accurate information, and never ever deceptive customers, employers or others are crucial parts of appropriate professional practice. Any CIPR member discovered to be breaking any of our ethical concepts, will be held accountable for their actions.”

The useMaking use of the fake plaintiffs was criticised by Labour’s leadership prospects. Andy Burnham said the DWP had been “captured red-handed”, while both Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall said Duncan Smith must apologise. Jeremy Corbyn said the saga showed “how out of touch the Tories are”.

The DWP did not respondreact to a request for comment.

What Buddhism Can Teach Us About Cash

Buddhism, which holds that wealth is short-lived and no course to joy, might not sound like the bestthe very best source for money knowledge.

Not so, says Ethan Nichtern, the prominent Buddhist instructor, who has written a brand-new book, The Roadway Home, on self-awareness and spiritual seeking.

Money is inescapable and it is peoples attitude to it that triggers fear and stress, states Nichtern, who took a seat with Reuters to talk about how money fits into a spiritual approach to the world.

Q: Can we leave our connection to money or should we?

A: We need to have some sort of system for measuring how we consume, produce, and share. So there will certainly still be money in any complicated society. And any human who desireswishes to pay the lease has to find out the rules of budgeting.

However its not simply a necessary evil. Money can likewise be spiritual or divine, by powering whatever positive activity you wantwish to participate in.

You were raised in money-centric New York City. Did that shape your views?

Growing up on the Upper West Side and in the East Town, I definitely understood how important cash was. It figures out a lot of the structure of our world, and it likewise brings so much stress together with it. Particularly in New york city, people feel burdened by the requirement for the security and status that cash brings. Thats why all of us require to launch and have this discussion. Ive never had the (billionaire) Koch Brothers in my class, though that might be uncomfortable.

Why is money viewed as the solution to all our issues?

In life, we are all roaming around in circles, thinking that our next stop will certainly be precisely what we have actually constantly been looking for. But we never arrive its an illusion of an oasis. It is the same thing with materialism: The idea that If I get the best things, I will finally feel at homefeel comfortable. However we can never ever get enough things.