It doesn’t matter if your child is avoiding to kindergarten or college, its completely natural for us, as parents, to fret when we send our kids off to school. From cyberbullies to guns and violence, exactly what more can we do to keep our children safe? Right here are a few of the newestthe most recent gadgets and tech devices intending to safeguard kids and help moms and dads rest a little simpler.


There are a lot of wearable trackers you can equip your children with, and a lot of price ranges also. In the $60 variety, the V. ALRT lets kids send out immediate calls, texts and location details to as much as three preprogrammed contacts. Moms and dads simply require an app on their smartphone to remain connected 24/7. It also spots falls, which is an included bonus if you have a daredevil youngster like I do. Now you can prepared the ice-pack and be prepared to kiss the boo-boos right when they walk through the door.


With the FiLIP, an Inspector-Gadget-like watch-phone, moms and dads can program a handful of contacts into the device, and likewise track and find the user. You can even establish a geo-fenced SafeZone, which is a preprogrammed area that the wearer can take a trip within without worry. If children go outside of that zone, you get an instant alert by yourself smartphone. This souped-up gadget features a substantial $200 ratecost.


Significant smartphone producers are getting in on the kid-tracking game, and LG is one of the very first. The LG KizON is a colorful, kid-friendly wristband that can be configured with up to 10 numbers and provides immediate communication in between moms and dads and children, anywhere they might be, with astounding 36-hour battery life. The KizON will strike store shelves in the fall. LG hasn’t revealed costs yet.

CountryC And W, Family Feel Bring In Listeners To Music Barn

One Saturday night in 1974, 17-year-old Anita Denny accompanied her papa to Benny Riders Music Hall in Oxford. The musicians, good friends of her father, provided her an opportunity to carry out on phase. She took them up on the invitation and sang a few tunes. Denny remembers being excited and terrified at the exact same time.

My life for life altered, said Denny. Once I understood I might my put my mouth on the microphone and stuff would come out, I was just thrilled. (The other artists) encouraged me, nurtured me, and supported me.

That interest for music and for carrying out has never ever left Denny, nor has her gratitude for the comfy, intimate atmosphere of a local music hall. After she and her spouse retired several years earlier, they decided to put their love of bringing music to the community into a tangible form.

They remodelled an old barn on their seven acres of property in Newton County into a space where audiences might concern hear live music highlighted on phase. They called their music hall the Freeway 36 Music Barn.

Since 2009, the Freeway 36 Music Barn has actually been entertaining folks totally free of charge with a range of music played primarily by Denny and her band.

On any given night, between 5 and 7 band members accompany Denny on songs that vary in category from nation to gospel to bluegrass to old rock n roll.

Denny said she prefers to cover male artists such as Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash money and Hank Williams rather than lady, but shell sing whatever the audience really wants to hear.

The shows take location from 7 to 10 pm on the 2nd and fourth Thursday of each month at the Highway 36 Music Barn, 10982 Ga. Highway 36, about three miles south of the Covington Square.

Casual seating such as folding chairs, theater seats and park benches offer room for 100 customers. Treats are available at the alcohol-free shows, and individuals frequently bring their own food to share with others.

The music hall interest mainly older audiences, however its for any ages. You can take your grandmother or your granddaughter, said Denny. Its a location where you can go and be safe and its like a household reunion whenever you go, other than its with music.

Denny passes the bucket at programs and accepts donations to keep the concerts operating.

At the Music Barn, none of my artists is paid to play. They do it because they love it, said Denny.

Denny said shes played with many of the very same musicians most of her life. When they are not performing at the Music Barn they bring their music to churches, celebrations and craft fairs. The band likewise opens for events provided by the Atlanta Music Hall of Popularity.

We have how we call a musical household. Were all extremely close knit. Weve all had fun with one another at one time or another and we draw from each others resources, said Denny, herself a Georgia Music Hall of Popularity inductee.

During Thursday night programs, any youth thinking about performing in front of a live audience is welcomed to do so.

I just bear in mind when I was young how my mentors motivated me and supported me, so I wantwish to pass that along, stated Denny.

Denny and her hubby of 20 years, Larry Denny, are the moms and dads of 4 children and eight grandchildren.

I never dreamed in my life Id be doing this at 58, said Denny.

She provides credit for the bands success to her other half. Mr. Denny handles the band, runs noise and lights as well as acts as the parking manager. He is the foundation for the whole thing, she said.

If it wasnt for him pressing us all to do better and better, we would not be where we are today, stated Denny.

To discover more, discover the Highway 36 Music Barn or Anita Jakes Denny on Facebook or e-mail

For pictures of the Music Barn, see the East Metro page inside todays Resident.

Mobile Devices Help Your Phone Do A Much Better Task

In some cases smaller sized devices remain on my desk, simply awaiting their opportunity to get reviewed. Typically I wait until I have three approximately prior to I grab them up and put them by way of their speeds.

Today we’re looking at four phone accessories. They ‘d all make excellent Christmas presents.

Bluetooth keyboard

As fantastic as the iPhone’s onscreen key-board is, there are times when having a real keyboard could be handy.

I bear in mind being quite excellentrespectable at thumb-typing on my old BlackBerry and mourned the loss of actual secrets to press when I type an e-mail on the iPhone.

Daymond John from TV’s Shark Tank has the solution: his Magneti Bluetooth Magnetic QWERTY Keyboard Case for the iPhone 5/5S ($74.99,

It’s a thin plastic and metal case for the phone combined with a Bluetooth key-board that remains on the case making use of strong magnets.

Using it, you ‘d vouch the keyboard and case are physically connected, as it’s simple to slide the keyboard to start typing, but it’s all magnets.

If you want a bit less bulk, draw the key-board off the case and stow it in your bag.

If you like the feel of plastic under your thumbs, this is the accessory for you.

The keyboard is easy to pair with your phone and has an on/off switch to conserve the rechargeable battery.

Battery case

I have actually reviewed plenty of iPhone battery cases, which combine a case with an external battery to safeguard your phone and keep it working for more than a day.

The Jackery Leaf ($49.95, takes the idea up a notch with an external battery and iPhone case that are different however snap together on the phone.

Unlike some other battery cases, the Leaf is created to have the case on the phone all the time and connect the battery just when you’ll really require it.

The idea works well. The 2400mAh battery will charge your iPhone’s battery when before needing to be charged for the next time

The design I checked included 2 cases, white and orange; the battery is white.

Since of the nature of the Lightning connector on the phone, the battery is longer on the bottom and blocks simple access to the earphone jack.

Jackery does include a small extender for linking headphones, but I can see it getting lost pretty easily.

The Leaf includes simply 3.4 ounces to your phone.

I think it’s a quite helpful accessory.

Skin and case

There are 2 sort of cases: Some are underrated and set about their job anonymously; others are a statement of your individuality.

Skinit has products that let you cover your iPhone to inform the world who you are.

The most recent include logos from all major professional and college teams.

Skinit sent over a Dallas Cowboys-themed skin and case for my iPhone 5. The products are readily available for iPhones or Samsung Galaxy phones.

The skin ($14.99, is thin plastic that adheres highly however leaves no residue when removed. It covers the back of the phone plus the areas above and below the screen.

The Inkfusion Pro case ($29.99) is 2 pieces, a rubber coat surrounded by a plastic shell. The shell has the Cowboys logo on the back.

Both the skin and case are well-crafted and would be an excellent gift for the sports fan in your family.

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