Education Policy Is The Definition Of Insanity

Failing in its one constitutional priority, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives might not get a spending plan to the Senate this 30-day session. Why? Because Democrats refused to compromise on a paltry $20 million from a $6.17 billion dollar spending plan, of which $2.7 billion was for education.

That equates to.3 percent, in shorts, 2 cents out of $6.10.

Gov. Susana Martinez, chosen by the public and going a co-equal branch of government, originally desired $124 million for public school class initiatives, however compromised by coming down $107 million.

But the Democrat-controlled House had such a difficulta tough time swallowing a. 3 percent compromise that they refused to meet their number one obligation to the states taxpayers.

They battled tooth and nail against a Republican change that would have sent $20 million in brand-new education efforts directly to failing public school class, while ensuring 3 percent raises for public school teachers.

This was simply days after a nationwide report revealed that, thanks to Martinez education campaigns, New Mexico had the 2nd highest percentage in the nation of inadequate students to pass an advanced positioning test and the highest number of Hispanic students to pass an AP test.

Republican education efforts have thus provided more successful resultslead to less than 4 years than the Democrat majority has in 61 years of controlling the states education budget plan.

Is this why they declined to compromise on such a little amounta percentage?

Why don’t they want New Mexicos kids to move beyond dead last in the country, where they have kept them for moremajority a century?

New Mexico is in the top 10 states across the country for spending on school administration and bureaucracy, 25th for per-pupil spending and among the worst in total results.

The Albuquerque Public School system invests 49.1 percent of its budget plan on non-classroom employees.

According to the states Legislative Finance Council, the typical yearly income for returning educators in New Mexico is approximately $46,000, more than $3,000 greater than the median household earnings in the state. Nationwide, its $44,000. Meanwhile, the national head of states of the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association earn almost $500,000 apiece.

Republican politicians are sick of our kids being last. We are tired of the moneythe cash we vote to proper for teachers pay raises never getting to them, getting lost rather in the funding formula where they vanish into a black hole of administration and bureaucracy.

With New Mexicos kids already placing – yet once again – dead last in the nation in education, exactly how much even worse does education need to get in New Mexico before those in control are readywant to put children before political power plays that are extremely unjust to them?

Let Martinez continue her already successful education initiatives. We owe it to our kids, who are growing up in an ever-increasingly competitive international economy.

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Seitel: Public Relations Morality

Numerous moons ago, an eager young public relations seminar leader was excoriating the reputational damage done to Exxon as a result of its Valdez tanker polluting the Gulf of Alaska.

Nonsense, retorted a particularly-obnoxious seminarian in the first row, theyre the greatest oil business around the world, make the most money, and drivers will still utilize their gas. So why should anyone care about their lsquo; reputation?

The student was loathsome, however the concern was a great one. And frankly, the instructor didnt respond with a really convincing answer. And the rest of his direction was, in reality, shaky.

But that was years earlier, and the student is most likely now in his 50s, the revitalized ExxonMobil has advanced into a much even morea far more socially responsible business, and the teacher has actually aged (but continues to be stunning!).

The concern that loud mouth asked, however, remains appropriate: Why should anybody appreciate his/her track record?

Bad rep or not, Alex Rodriguez and Lindsay Lohan and Kanye West are still multi-millionaires, and youre not. So whats the point?

The response in 2014, after a life time in the communications vineyard, is that in the practice of public relations, in certain, your credibility, your integrity, your individual sense of morality matters.

The most frustrating report about the public relations field ever recorded was the PR Week study in 2000 that discovered that 25 % of 1,700 public relations individuals spoke with admitted pushing the job. Interestingly, neither PR Week nor PRSA nor any scholastic public relations program has actually ever upgraded that harmful study. (Whassa matter Col. Sanders, chicken?)

The reality is that if you lie when to a reporter or a blog writer or customer and youre discoveredlearnt youre toast. Certainly, if there is one cardinal policy in public relations it is that, Thou shalt not lie.

Beyond out-and-out lying, morality in public relations suggests different things to different individuals.

middot; Some public relations professionals wont work for tobacco companies.

middot; Others wont work for banks.

middot; Still others feel morally repulsed by Tea PartyTea ceremony Republicans or liberal Democrats.

Thats all fair. My individual morality is not yours. What matters is that we both have public relations morality. And we know that the well-publicized transgressions of well-known public relations companies were wrong. Like for instancefor example:

middot; Ketchums misleading invitation to food bloggers to sample a popular chefs specials, just to serve up client Con Agras frozen food.

middot; Burson-Marstellers duplicitous pitching of anti-Google stories without identifying it was doing it for client Facebook.

middot; Edelmans phony blog, pretending to be written by a couple taking a trip across America and finding excellent experiences at (customer) Walmart.

All public relations specialists can agree that these ethical breaches were inexcusable and impaired the reputations of otherwise respectable and prominent public relations agencies.

An attorney may be duty-bound by the Constitution to provide a vigorous defense for any client whether guilty or not. But a public relations professional has no such responsibility. In public relations, if you think your customer did it, then you cant say he didnt. Stated another method, public relations ethics should be more moral than legal principles.

Ideally, public relations experts have actually discovered for many years that in the communications company, all you have is your track record. And if you wantwish to remain getting recommendations, remain bring in clients, and keep earning regard, then you have no choice however to treat seriously the principle of public relations morality.

Stated another means– exactly what that workshop punk should have been told at the time however wasnt– in the practice of public relations, morality matters.

\* \* \* Fraser P. Seitel has

been a communications consultant, author and teacher for 30 years. He could be reached directly at is the author of the Prentice- Hall textThe Practice of Public Relations, now in its eleventh version, and co-author of Concept Wise.

Wayne School Board To Ditch Public Relations Firm As Part Of Initial Budget Plan

WAYNE – The board of education unanimously authorized its initial 2014-2015 school budget at Thursday nights conference. This is a requirement by the county, who have to approve exactly what the district has doinged this far.

The operating budget plan corresponds $145,552,607 and the tax levy is $134,817,061. The initial tax hike to homeowners would be $206 each year for the average assessed house valued at $228,200, nevertheless, the board is working with district administration to decrease the tax levy to an optimum of the 2 % tough cap for its last adoption. The tax levy impact at the 2 % tough cap would be $168 each year for the ordinary examined home valued at $228,200.

The district has gotten $160,000 more in state aid than last year and half of it is anticipated go to the Collaboration for Evaluation of Preparedness for College and Careers (PARCC), a consortium of 17 states established for a typical set of K-12 assessments in English and mathematics to prepare students for college and professions. PARCC will terminate the High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA) provided to all students in their junior year of secondary school. PARCC is computer-based testing.

More significant, after much backlash from taxpayers from beginning, the district will not be rehiring their public relations firm Success Communications. This step will save the district $30,000 a year. The decision to go with a PR firm followed Superintendent Ray Gonzalez took over the helm.

Aside from the firm setting up social media sites accounts for the district including a Facebook page and aiding in the redesign of its website, cynics discovered it to be a waste of valuable cash. Throughout the criticism, the overall board aside from a member or twoor more backed up Gonzalez choice to continue with the company.

The budget as it stands mirrors no decreases made to educational programs or services and all additional curricular and athletic programs stay undamaged.

There will likewise be a return to a website based athletics management structure

Extra public input will be taken at a special conference set up for March 13 at 7 pm at Wayne Valley High School and the budget plan will be officially embraced on April 24.