An Ode To The Gizmos You Cannot OfferQuit

Gotta take that definition and survey with a grain of salt, however. It originates from the utilized electronic devices marketplace,

Their findings also recommend its time to start vacating merch if you have not touched it in the previous three months. Obviously, 70 percent of Americans have multiple old gizmos at housein your home snubbed in such fashion.

Yes, decade-old computers no more supported with software improvements are deserving of a dump. (Come April 1, Microsoft ends security upgrades for the Windows XP OS.)

But some products are seasonal in application. And Gadget Guy would suggest that other gizmos have sustaining sentimental or historic value. Take please (but not away) these treasures Ive dug up (and not trashed) today. Each has a story. How about yours?

Nikkormat 35mm SLR electronic camera: As a photo-taking youth, I wished for an all-mechanical, manually focused Nikon single lens reflex film cam. This sibling, equally strong and sharp shooting, was gotten less costly in Montego Bay, Jamaica, circa 1978.

Today this weighty thing is never ever utilized. You cant beat a good digital video camera or sharp shootin smartphone for portability, immediate gratification and low cost of use.

Sony Walkman TPS-L2 Cassette Gamer and TC-55 Tapecorder: When the very first cassette-based Walkman headset stereo player was provided to then -Daily News editor Gil Spencer, he brought it to my desk, saying, I do not have a hint exactly what this is, but maybe you can writediscuss it.

Therefore began (in 1979) my profession as a tech reporter, and my love affair with small, high efficiency, amusing electronic devices. The similar age TC-55 was Sonys initially significant, compact cassette recorder.

I utilized it for aeons to capture job interviews – up to the last, 1993 album-touting (Code Red) press go to of DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince.

When I couldnt get the TC-55 going, Will Smith stated, I know whats wrong, my daddy has this very same recorder. He opened up the battery compartment and, with a Four Seasons Hotel-supplied silver knife, scraped encrusted battery acid off the terminals.

Sony Betamax SL-7200: Yeah, theres a trend below. Twas a long spell when Sony was accountableaccountabled for many technologies in consumer tech.

Introduced in New York City in 76, this first time moving Beta videocassette recorder was a bear to transport house and extremely costly to use, with one-hour tapes priced at $16 a pop.

Betamax lost the VCR war due to the fact that of hubris. Sony designers wouldnt heed RCAs require for a two-hour minimum record capacity, so RCA backed JVCs rival VHS format.

Motorola RAZR V3 Flip Phone: In the early 2000s, it was the coolest, slimmest mobile phone. Moto sold 130 million of em. Still a thing of industrial-design charm. And does not take up much drawer area.

ColecoVision Video Game System and Samsung GXE-1395 TV: The very first game system to achieve arcade-quality, cartoon-smooth and quick images, this spiffy, early-1980s game system came packed with Nintendos Donkey Kong, knocking Atari and Mattel for a loop and providing Nintendo big ambitions. Colecos failure was trying to adjust the game console into a full computer.

A decade later, Samsung hinted of cutting edge video goals with the GXE TELEVISION, a weighty, gamer-oriented 13-inch set with extremely impactful sound, pumping with stereo speakers developed inside both flip-open doors, plus an over-the-top subwoofer.

Its useless with todays digital TELEVISION signals and HDMI-connected game systems. But another piece of CE history Im reluctant (sigh) to providequit.

SEND US a photo of you which one old device you simply cant garbage, along with a quick (50-word) description of why its your favorite. Well release a choice of reader responses in the Daily News, and those readers will be qualified to win a $25 gift certification for iTunes. Send your entries to Or mail to: Gizmo Person, Philadelphia Daily News, 801 Market St., Suite 300, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Send us a picture of you and that one old gadget you just cant garbage, along with a quick (50-word) description of why its your favorite.

Well release a choice of reader responses in the Daily News, and those readers will be eligible to win a $25 gift certification for iTunes.

Send your entries to� Or mail to: Gadget Guy, Philadelphia Daily News, 801 Market St., Suite 300, Philadelphia, PA 19107.


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Sente Advances Bill Enhancing Electronics Recycling To Senate

The following is a press release from theOffice of State Rep. Carol Sente on her efforts regardingelectronics reusing. ReadContinue reading for details.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. State Rep. Carol Sente, D-Vernon Hills, unanimouslypassed legislation from the HouseonThursdaymorning aimingto streamline electronics reusing.

As Vice-Chair of the Houseour home Environment Committee and sponsor of a variety of regional recycling campaigns, I think we requirehave to get rid of unneeded red-tape that might prevent recycling opportunities, Sente stated. By making electronics recycling easier for processors, we not only assist the market to broaden, but also enhance the chance that possibly unsafe items will be responsibly disposed.

House Bill 4227 decreases the variety of classifications Illinois electronic devices processors should sort and report from 18 to six, putting Illinois in line with other states that have comparable electronic devices squander legislation. It is approximated that this measure, which is supported by both the environmental and business neighborhood, could conserve processors as much as $0.01 per pound or $420,000 a year statewide.

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Begin Screen Unlimited Puts Devices On Windows 8 Beginning Display


Windows 8: The Windows 8 start display lets you place and arrange live tiles for launching apps and performing a couple of functions, however very little else. Begin Screen Unlimited includes a number of smart gizmos into the mix.

Begin Display Unlimited lets you add devices straight to the Windows 8 start screen. You can add things like a digital clock, Google search box, and power controls right to a dock that you can drag to any spot on your beginning display you such as. All those functions are free for personal use. A deluxe version adds 3D menus, industrial use, and very early access to brand-new features.

Begin DisplayGreatis Software application

Disgraced Penn State Works With A Mammoth PR Firm. And Gets …

In August 2012, the head of the world’s largest public relations firm, Edelman, made a pitch to Penn State College’s Board of Trustees to take on among the greatest pr tasks in current history: resurrecting the college’s image in the wake of the sex abuse scandal including former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

“We will go to nationwide media, stories on very first anniversaries we need to shape,” stated Richard Edelman. “Stand certain set of allies-those people always called by NYT, CNN, and so on eg Sonnenfeld re governance. Then when he goes on TV hell say great things about Penn State.”

Edelman got the job. And lo and behold, recently USA Today ran an op-ed by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, senior associate dean at the Yale School of Management, a regular TELEVISION analyst on business governance, and a college classmate and pal of Edelman’s, under the heading: “Penn State is worthy of terrific praise.” The column overflows with acclaims for the college management’s efforts to rebuild after the Sandusky scandal:

However as opposed to fight [NCAA sanctions] as numerous alumni demanded, the Penn State board changed. The board examined the truths, and saw the failures of oversight and insufficient protection of children. They faced a classic recovery problem, and courageously made the right choice …

Among the first, and most crucial, steps on this path was the consultation Rodney Erickson, a 30-year veteran of the university and its previous provost, to step in to fill the leadership void of the ousted predecessor Graham Spanier. In short, they worked with a Jimmy Stewart-like pillar of integrity and responsibility …

. The board wisely drew on its tank of internal talent too, asking board member and Merck Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Frazier to chair Penn States special investigation committee. Frazier is not only a revered Chief Executive Officer however likewise was the general counsel of Merck who was well battle-tested in public controversy …

Is it truly that easy around the world of upper-echelon public relations? Pledge a possible client you’ll get an apparently neutral voice of authority to state good things about them. Win the agreement. Get previously mentioned voice of authority to state the good thing.

Not so, stated both Edelman and Sonnenfeld when I reached them Monday afternoon. Sonnenfeld at firstinitially refuted that Edelman had actually even been invoking him in 2012 as a potential commentator on Penn State; rather, he stated, Edelman had actually been recommending him as a paid consultant to the trustees, an overture Sonnenfeld says he later on got from the college and decreased. But I read back to him Edelman’s pitch, which clearly provides up Sonnenfeld as a possible source of positive public commentary on Penn State. Did the UNITED STATE Today column simply stand for the fulfillment of that pitch?

No wayNo chance, says Sonnenfeld. He stated he developed of doing a column on Penn State at the tip of William E. Brit Kirwan, the chancellor of the University System of Maryland, after the 2 guys had been talking about Penn State at a meeting last fall of the National Commission on College and UniversityInstitution of higher learning Governance. Yes, Sonnenfeld stated, he and Edelman are old close friends (they went to Harvard College and Harvard Business School together and Edelman’s company is likewise a partner in the Yale Chief Executive Management Institute run by Sonnenfeld), however Sonnenfeld noted occasions when he has actually tweaked Edelman’s clients, such as Samsung and Chesapeake Energy and its former Chief Executive Officer, Aubrey McClendon. “I do not do that type of work,” Sonnenfeld told me. “I didn’t author anything as an agent for anybody. I have a profile of buddies across the spectrum, however they do not have anything to do with dictating what I compose.” Had Edelman called him encouraging him to offer favorable commentary on Penn State? “I could have discussed it with him,” he said. “I’m not going to definitively say I didn’t have a discussion with him. However this was independent.”

Edelman, for his part, freely acknowledged having actually reached out to Sonnenfeld about Penn State, however stated it was done not to stimulate him to write the column but merely to offer Penn State’s account of its post-Sandusky steps in order to notify any future commentary on Penn State Sonnenfeld might provide. “Exactly what I was describing [to the trustees] was a timeless pr technique, which is you discover experts in a field and afterwards you brief the specialists and you wish that when national media calls them that they [are positivedeclare],” Edelman informed me. “You go to the Delphic oracles and get them to assess your side of the tale in occasion that they are called … Jeff was amongst the experts we went to go to with in the wake of being worked with.” But Sonnendfelds column was no plant by Edelman, he stated. He writes his own stuff,” he stated. “This is a public relations plan that we performed for Penn State, but he has his own viewpoints and can articulating them … Jeff is a character and has his own honesty and will write whatever he thinks.”

So there you have it: a little window into the world of high-stakes image-shaping, a venture that has actually become as huge a fixation in the greater education world as it has long been in the corporate one. Penn State terribly needed a credibility upgrade. In the pages of among the country’s most significant papers, an executive from another university gaveconsidered that upgrade a big boost. There was a background to that glowing column that, at the reallyat the minimum, put the praise in a different point of view. But readers (or at least those outside the “profile of good friends”) would not have actually understood that.

Caveat lector, and caution TV observator.

Agha Takes Legal Action Against Public Relations Company, Declaring It Illegally Shared Project …

Claiming a breach of trust, Monterey Peninsula entrepreneur Nader Agha is suing local public relations firm owner David Armanasco for supporting a competing Moss Landing desalination job.

In a claim submitted recently, Agha alleges that Armanasco used private details he obtained while working on behalf of Aghas own Moss Landing desal proposition to advertise the nearby Deep Water Desal job. Agha also alleges Armanasco failed to meet his end of the initial $160,000 deal to promote Aghas interests, and has considering that continued to weaken Agha in the neighborhood.

The suit looks for more than $10 million in damages, including payment of the cash he paid Armanasco and the loss of future profits.

Attorney Chris Cayce, who stands for Agha in the claim, said Armanasco made use of the private detailssecret information, secured by a privacy arrangement, to assist Deep Water Desal basically copy Aghas plans for a desal plant in Moss Landing, now understoodreferred to as the Peoples Moss Landing Desal Job.

Deep Water Desal is more or less a shadow of Aghas organization, Cayce said. Utilizing comparable processes, theyve taken Naders concept and formed their own project.

Cayce said that has resulted in exactly what he called confusion of brand name and resulted in many peoplemany individuals having a hard time discerning one Moss Landing desal project from the other.

In a prepared statement, Armanasco suggested he would vigorously defend himself versus Aghas accusations.

In life you have your honesty, integrity and track record, he stated. It is the very same in the general public relations company. Armanasco Public Relations acted properly in our assignment for Desal USA and this suit lacks benefit and I will contest it strongly.

According to the fit, Agha hired Armanasco Public Relations in 2003 for several months to advertise a suggested desal task at Aghas Moss Landing Commercial Park, then hired Armanasco again for 6 months in 2010 to help pitch Aghas Desal UNITED STATE proposition, likewise knownreferred to as Desal America and later on as the Peoples Moss Landing Desal Project. It was during those durations that Agha alleges he shared the private detailssecret information, which he likewise describes as trade keys, with Armanasco.

The next year, according to the match, Armanasco conspired with a number of other unnamed accuseds to use that details to advertise Deep Water Desal for Armanascos individual gain, and to Aghas detriment. Agha also alleges Armanasco began supporting Deep Water Desal even prior to he stopped working for Agha.

Agha, Armanasco and Deep Water Desal concept partner Brent Constantz apparently met and thought about a collaboration at one point, however decided not to pursue it.

SinceEver since, Agha has sought a public partner for his proposition and negotiated with the city of Pacific Grove at one point, however without success. Deep Water Desal, meanwhile, has been chosen by the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District as a prospective backup for California American Waters proposed north Marina desal plant, and has likewise reached a power and water purchase arrangement with the city of Salinas.

Jim Johnson can be reached at 753-6753 or